Why Choose easyDNS?

Salesforce? …Don’t Have One.
Marketing Budget? Zero.
Will we be at EgoCon? Nope.

The way we see it, it’s your money. So we spend it on things that will give you more bang for your buck. Enhanced infrastructure and more services will always win our cost/benefit analysis over Superbowl ads, junkets, or ego-gratifying pep-rallies.Let’s face it: Around here there are two kinds of customers:

Customer Profile #1: You already know all about DNS and you know who we are.

If that’s the case then it’s pointless for us to show up at a conference with an off-duty stripper dolled up in an easyDNS bikini trying to explain how anycast DNS works. You probably know already, the stripper doesn’t.

Customer Profile #2: All you know is that you need a domain name and somebody you trust told you “just go to easyDNS”

Yeah, we get a lot of that around here. In fact, our single largest source of new members is our existing members. So much so that we don’t really advertise, employ salespeople, or have a team of monkeys telemarketing our competitors’ customers.

In either case, you probably clicked on the “About” link in the menu to try and glean exactly just what kind of company we are. We applaud your bravery. Most “About” pages on internet company websites (along with the kiss-of-death “What We Do” pages) are invariably laced with jargon, polish, meaningless metrics, punctuated by NLP and attempts at inducing some kind of “hypnotic buying trance”.

The 30-second Elevator Pitch on Who We Are and Why We’re Different

We’ve been in business since 1998. We’re one of the first “pure-play” DNS Hosting companies in existence.

We have no outside investors, no VC funding, and no exit plan. We are not doing this until our big cash-out occurs. This is what we do, period.

If you call us during business hours, you will likely have a real live human pick up the phone after a ring or two. Really. The voice-menu entrance is pretty much one button (“press 2 for support”) and then bingo: a live person who knows what they’re doing is on the other end of the phone with you. They will not try to upsell you on more services or belittle you for disturbing their day. They will try to help you and answer any questions you have.

So, Who Uses easyDNS?

It varies wildly. From large, multi-billion dollar companies who are publicly traded to tech gurus and internet pioneers. From publicly elected officials and government entities to rock stars and household names. Sometimes even we are surprised at who we find using our system.

Below are a few names you may recognize who have kindly consented to be listed here. You are also encouraged to check out the “Our Clients Say” section in the bottom right of most pages, which contains real testimonials and actual “tweets” culled from the blogosphere.