How To Transfer .UK Domains To easyDNS


Domains with .UK [including .UK / .CO.UK / .LTD.UK / .ME.UK / .NET.UK / .ORG.UK / .PLC.UK] extensions have a different transfer process than other domains and is currently a manual process on our end. Users will need to do the following when they are ready for the transfer to be initiated:

1. Please contact easyDNS requesting that you’d like the domain transferred to us. Please be sure to specify the domain name, the service level required, and the term period.

2. A manual invoice will then be created for the request by one of our staff. We will reply back letting you know the invoice is prepared.

3. Once the invoice had been paid please let us know and we’ll submit the transfer on our end. The other critical part of the transfer request requires you to co-ordinate through the current registrar to update the Nominet tag [Nominet is the .UK Registry].

easyDNS uses this Nominet tag: TUCOWS-CA

It is essential that both the gaining registrar submit the request and you update the Nominet tag with the losing registrar [or even within your Nominet account if the losing registrar is non-cooperative].

Please note that .UK transfers typically take 1 to 2 days to complete.


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