Registry Lock for .CA domains

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easyDNS is now offering Registry Lock for .CA domains. Registry Lock offers an extra layer of security for your domain at the registry level. This added security prevents domain hijacking and the domain from being deleted, transferred or any of the Whois from being modified, including nameservers changes.

Registry Lock is ideal for well known brands or corporations, high traffic websites, enterprise and high value domains. On top of added security measures our clients can put on their member accounts [ESM enhanced security mode, restricted logins, alert notifications, 2Factor Authentication], this provides further assurance for domain holders at the registry level.

To arrange the locking or unlocking of your domain, the Registrant [or principal authorised contact] would need to contact easyDNS to work with us through a strict verification process. We will in turn work with the .CA registry to arrange the locking or unlocking of your domain.

Pricing is set to $395/year with a $50 set up fee. This will allow for up to 5 changes per year and any additional changes will incur a $75 fee each time until the next Registry Lock/domain renewal.

easyDNS is supporting Registry Lock requests Monday through Friday from 9am to 4pm Eastern time.

To enquire further about Registry Lock or start the sign up process, please e-mail usĀ at

Coming soon is Registry Lock for .COM & .NET domains.

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