How To Access Your easyWEB Via FTP

Using an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client allows uses to connect to their easyWEB/cPanel accounts through a third party software. This is usually due to preference as many users find it easier to design their sites this way instead of having to manually log in. easyDNS does not officially endorse a specific FTP client, but there are many that are available. Users have a choice in which client they’d like to use, but they all essentially work the same. We will be demonstrating with FileZilla.

NOTE: Before attempting to connect to your easyWEB/cPanel account through an FTP client, you’ll want to make sure you’ve provisioned your easyWEB subscription accordingly. Please see HERE for further details.

To connect to your easyWEB/cPanel account with an FTP client, please do the following:

1. Open your FTP client
2. Enter your FTP login credentials

HOST: This is the easyWEB IP address your domain is currently being hosted under
USERNAME: This is your easyWEB username you created when you first signed up for the service (NOT your easyDNS username)
PASSWORD: This is your easyWEB password you created when you first signed up for the service (NOT your easyDNS password)
PORT: 21 for normal connection or 22 for secure connection


how to connect to your easyWeb via FTP client

If the the connection was successful, you should be able to see your websites folder directory on the right hand side of the client:

how to connect to your easyWeb via FTP client

At this point you’ve managed to successfully FTP into your easyWEB/cPanel account and can begin designing your website.

Where To Get Your easyWEB Login Credentials 

If you are unsure of what your current login credentials for your easyWEB subscription is, you can access this information through your easyDNS account. You’ll need to do the following:

1. Log into your easyDNS account
2. Click on EASYWEB


You should receive all relevant information through an automated email once clicking on the link.