External Zone Transfers

Users are able to specify IP addresses of any third-party nameservers they wish to mirror their zones, which will allow easyDNS to do zone transfers from said IPs. This also allows users to add additional nameservers to their delegations beyond the easyDNS cluster, either for internal use or added redundancy.

Some advanced users like to use our interface as a master for configuration and slave external nameservers to ours. For security reasons, our nameservers are locked down to prevent unauthorized zone file transfers (AXFR transfers), and so this section is provided to add the IPs of authorized external nameservers to access your zone file.

Zone transfers are offered on domains that are using the service level DNS-Standard or above. Unfortunately, this is not supported by the DomainPlus service level.

To enable external zone transfers for a domain, please do the following:

1. Log into your easyDNS account
2. Click on MANAGE for said domain (this will take you to the DOMAIN ADMINISTRATION page)

3. Click on the INTEGRATIONS tab
4. In the ADVANCED field, click on ZONE TRANSFERS

5. Enter the IP addresses of any third-party nameservers you wish to also slave this zone from our primary
6. Click NEXT

7. Confirm your changes

To de-list an external nameserver, simply delete it from the box.

Be sure to have them slave to Also, remember to make sure that you list the new nameservers in the NS section of the DNS settings. For further information on how to enter NS records, please see THIS tutorial.

The serial number on any previous zone file they may have must also be lower than our own (we use EPOCH) to ensure updating.

Once you have set this up, be sure to add the slaved nameservers to the nameserver delegations for your domain at your registrar. If you are using easyDNS as your registrar, you can do this via the WHOIS INFORMATION page for the domain.

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