easyMail Storage Limits

On November 01, 2020, we set firm quotas on mailbox storage size on per user basis. Previously each easyMail account had a “soft cap” of 2GB, now all accounts support a storage limit of 5GB.

Depending on your storage needs, we provide the access to increase or decrease (above the included 5GB limit) the storage limit for each mailbox user from within the easyDNS member account.

To increase or decrease the limit for your easyMail account, please do the following:

1. Log into your easyDNS account.
2. Click on the EMAIL link for your domain.

3. Click on EASYMAIL

4. Click on the USERS tab and then click on the account you’d like to adjust.

5. Select your storage limit, click on UPDATE, and then on CLOSE.

6. You should now see the change in limit displayed for the account.

Pricing for individual mailboxes:

  • Under 5GB included with all easyMAIL mailboxes
  • Between 5GB and 15GB is $2.50/month
  • Between 15GB and 50GB is $12.50/month
  • Between 50GB and 75GB is $20.25/month
  • Between 75GB and 100GB is $25/month


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