easyDNS Nameservers

easyDNS is all about rock solid DNS.

Nowadays, it’s not enough to slap together a couple of bind servers and drop each off in different colocation offices on either side of the country. More and more people use the Internet for their livelihood nowadays, and to ensure a network that’s redundant along with being solid and responsive, you need to like what you’re doing and know what you’re doing. easyDNS has been making our bread and butter since 1998, and if we didn’t like this stuff, we’d have gone into something else by now.

Over the years we’ve expanded, upgraded, rethought, and generally improved our network at all times. Each easyDNS service level has a different set of nameserver hostnames assigned to them.

Please be sure to delegate to the proper group of nameserver hostnames. If you’re not sure what servers you are currently delegated to you can either do a WHOIS search for the domain name or click on the WHOIS link for said domain within your easyDNS account. If you click on the WHOIS link you can view your servers under the NAMESERVERS section. Also please be sure to delegate to all the nameservers in the service level as this will provide the redundancy you are paying for.

Domain Plus  ( 3 Unicast servers – 3 nameserver locations )


DNS Standard  ( 3 Anycast clouds – 15 nameserver locations )


DNS Pro  ( 3 Anycast clouds – 20 nameserver locations )


NOTE: dns3.easydns.org is a strand which includes dns3.easydns.ca plus an additional strand of extra servers.

Enterprise  ( 4 Anycast clouds – 26 nameserver locations – dns4.easydns.info is dedicated to Enterprise only )


For more information about the differences between service levels, please visit our service comparison page.