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easyDNS is all about rock solid DNS.

Nowadays, it’s not enough to slap together a couple of bind servers and drop each off in different colocation offices on either side of the country. With increasingly more people globally on the internet, you need to ensure your domain is on an expansive and redundant network, that is both reliable and responsive.

Over the years, we’ve expanded, upgraded, and re-engineered to continually improve our network. Each easyDNS service level has a different set of nameservers assigned to them except DNS-Standard and DNS Pro, which are distinct based on other included features. All service levels support DNSSEC.

Please be sure to delegate to the proper group of nameserver hostnames. If you’re unsure what servers you are currently delegated to you can either do a WHOIS search for the domain name or click on the WHOIS link for said domain within your easyDNS account. If you click the WHOIS link you can view your servers under the NAMESERVERS section. Also please be sure to delegate to all the nameservers at the service level as this will provide the redundancy you are paying for.

Domain Plus  ( 3 Unicast servers – 3 nameserver locations )


DNS Standard  ( 3 Anycast clouds – 18 nameserver locations )


DNS Pro  ( 3 Anycast clouds – 18 nameserver locations )


NOTE: dns3.easydns.ca has been merged with dns3.easydns.ca.

Enterprise  ( 4 Anycast clouds – 20+ nameserver locations – dns4.easydns.info is dedicated to Enterprise only )


Please visit our service comparison page for more information about the differences between the service levels.

Anycast DNS
Anycast is the fastest responding nameserver for any given request. When a query is made for your domain, these servers will reply with the information. This dramatically speeds up response time. Anycast is the choice for your main website and other important domains using our DNS services.

Unicast Nameservers
Nameservers with a single network destination. Unicast nameservers are not as responsive and fast as Anycast nameservers. We recommend unicast for very low-traffic destinations or secondary domains that forward to your main domain/website.

For more information and the locations of our nameservers, please visit our public page here.

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