easyBackup (Windows Workstation)

To install and use the Windows Workstation with easyBackup, you’ll want to do the following:

  1. Log into your easyBackup account page HERE.
  2. Click on the ADD button.
  3. Under WORKSTATIONS, click on WINDOWS
  4. Click on SAVE FILE
  5. Run the saved file and install the agent
  6. Once the installation is complete, enable BACKUPS on the task bar or in the web interface
  7. Choose your settings and click CREATE
  8. After you’ve done this, it’ll look something like this:
  9. If you delete your files on your local machine and want to recover them, click on RECOVERY. In the RECOVERY window that comes up click on RECOVER FILES/FOLDERS.
  10. Double click on the C FOLDER
  11. In this case I want to recover all the documents in the folder, so I select it.
  12. Click on RECOVER in the pane to the right.
  13. Choose your recovery location and click on START RECOVERY.
  14. Select your settings in the dialog box and click on PROCEED.
  15. Upon the completion of the recovery, you’ll see something like the following in the pane to the right:
  16. You can then close the above and your recovery is complete.


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