WHOIS Privacy

What is WHOIS Privacy?

The information used to register a domain name is stored on what is called a WHOIS database which can be publicly accessed by anyone performing a WHOIS search. By enabling a feature such as our WHOIS Privacy, it allows domain owners to make their personal information such as name, address, phone number private.

For example:

how to enable whois privacy for domain at easyDNS

how to enable whois privacy for domain at easyDNS

Users should note that some domain extensions do not allow for privacy of ownership information. For further details regarding what domain extensions we support WHOIS Privacy for, please go HERE and HERE. Depending on the extension, you may also have to contact our support team directly to enable this feature.

NOTE: Our WHOIS Privacy feature is currently included with all our service levels at no extra cost EXCEPT DomainPlus. Domains under DomainPlus that wish to have this privacy feature will need to add it as an additional add on. Please see HERE for further details on add ons.

What are the benefits of WHOIS Privacy?

There are a number of reasons, political and personal, for people who wish to keep their information private. With phishing, spam and other concerns, it’s become far more common.

How much does WHOIS Privacy cost?

For the DomainPlus service level, the fee is $7.50 per year. For ALL other service levels Privacy registration is included [no charge!] as an opt-in feature.

What are the risks of WHOIS Privacy?

ICANN regulations state that the listed registrant is the official owner of a domain. As such, setting that information to that of the registrar (which is the common method of masking personal information) technically transfers ownership to the registrar themselves.

What about WHOIS privacy for .CA domains?

Whois privacy is handled at the registry level for .CA domains – for individuals, the .CA registry CIRA redacts the information automatically and for corporate registrants, personal information is displayed as a default (there are special circumstances where this will allow redaction of the whois). If you wish to contact a redacted .CA domain holder, you can do so by going to CIRA directly and following the instruction found at this page https://www.cira.ca/ca-domains/contact-a-domain-holder

Enabling WHOIS Privacy For Your Domain

To enable the WHOIS Privacy feature, please do the following:

1. Log into your easyDNS account.
2. Click on the WHOIS link.

3. Click on EDIT under the WHOIS PRIVACY section.

NOTE: If you do not see a WHOIS PRIVACY section, chances are this feature is currently not available for this domain and will need to be added. Please see HERE for further details on add ons.

4. Choose ENABLED from the dropdown menu list and click on NEXT.

5. Confirm your changes.

Your WHOIS Privacy should now be enabled for your domain name. However please note that this can take a few hours to propagate out Internet wide.

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