What Is IPv6?

What is IPv6?

IPv6 is the IETF’s replacement for IPv4 addresses. Its purpose is to replace IPv4 addresses as they near exhaustion. Unlike IPv4 address, which consist of 4 octets separated by a . (dot) ; IPv6 addresses are separated by a : (colon) and consist of 8 groups od 4 hexadecimal digits (eg: 2001:0D8B:FC10:DE01:0000:0000:0000:0001).

IPv6 and easyDNS

You can add IPv6 AAAA records for domains using the easyDNS control panel.
First , login and select the domain which you want to add the IPv6 (AAAA) records for. Under the DNS Settings tab you will see IPv6 in the Advanced DNS Records section. Click IPv6 and you will be able to add DNS records for your domain with AAAA records. You add the record the same as you would have previously done for an A record, except you add an IPv6 address for the IP and not IPv4.


Currently easyDNS does publish AAAA records for 2 of our 4 anycast nodes. The are:

dns1.easydns.com IN AAAA 2001:1838:f001::10
dns3.easydns.org IN AAAA
dns3.easydns.ca IN AAAA
dns4.easydns.info IN AAAA 2001:678:5::13