Updating .CA Whois Information

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The WHOIS information for .CA domains is handled by a system of individual contacts. Each contact is a unique ‘entity’ with information attached to it including the contact name, associated e-mail, phone, real name, etc..

To change the WHOIS information for a .CA domain, you must change what contact is assigned to the WHOIS record in question (Domain Owner, Administrative or Technical Contacts). You can do this either by creating a new contact and assign it accordingly or, if you know the existing contact ID, enter that instead.

Whois privacy is handled at the registry level for .CA domains – for individuals, the .CA registry CIRA redacts the information automatically and for corporate registrants, personal information is displayed as a default (there are special circumstances where this will allow redaction of the whois).

To change the ownership of a .CA domain, please do the following:

1. Log into your easyDNS account
2. Click on the WHOIS link for said domain

You should be within your WHOIS INFORMATION page. Under the CONTACT INFORMATION section, you can either create a new CIRA contact or assign an existing one to one of your domain contacts.

Creating A New Contact


2. Choose the section you’d like to assign the new contact to
3. Choose your Canadian Presence Requirement (CPR). For a definition of what the CPR is and the options explained, please go HERE.
4. Enter the necessary contact information
5. Click NEXT

6. Confirm changes

NOTE: CIRA’s CPRs require that all the information be accurate, and appropriate to the type selected (for example, if you select an Individual, it must be a real person’s name. If a company, then the full, legally incorporated name).

Assigning An Existing Contact

1. Under the CONTACT INFORMATION section, click on ON THIS PAGE

2. Assign existing CIRA contact to either Owner, Admin, or Tech by selecting one from the drop-down menu
3. Click NEXT

4. Confirm changes

If you find that the Contact ID created is not being assigned, you may still need to verify it still with CIRA. To verify a Contact ID, please go HERE.

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