How To Transfer A Domain *AWAY* From easyDNS

NOTE: There are some domain extensions that the ‘GET AUTH CODE’ link does not appear for. We ask that you send in an EASY-DOES.IT request and we’ll send the code to the listed Administrative contact.
NOTE: Once you have submitted the Auth code you will not be able to make name server or DNS updates until after the transfer has completed. If you need to make name server updates please make them at your current registrar BEFORE submitting the Auth code.

Transferring a domain away from easyDNS is a simple process that involves 3 steps:

  • Unlock your domain name.
  • Disable your WHOIS Privacy (if applicable).
  • Get your Authorization code.

NOTE: You may also have to disable your DNSSEC if you have it enabled. For further details about DNSSEC please go HERE.

Unlocking Your Domain

Unlocking a domain requires the disabling of the Registry Lock. The registry lock keeps a domain from being transferred away by accident and/or Domain Slamming. To disable the Registry Lock, please do the following:

1. Log into your easyDNS account.
2. Click on the WHOIS link.

3. Click on EDIT under REGISTRY LOCK.

4. Choose DISABLED from the dropdown menu and click on NEXT.

5. Confirm your changes.

Disabling WHOIS Privacy

NOTE: This step only applies if your domain currently has WHOIS Privacy. If your domain does not have this feature, you will not see this option within your WHOIS INFORMATION page. However, some specialty domain extensions will require our staff to manually disable your privacy feature on the backend. If this applies to you, please contact our support staff.

To disable your WHOIS Privacy, please do the following:

1. Go to the WHOIS INFORMATION page where you disabled your REGISTRY LOCK.
2. Click on EDIT under the WHOIS PRIVACY section.

3. Choose DISABLED from the dropdown menu, and click NEXT.

4. Confirm your changes.

Obtaining Your Authorization/EPP Code

The Authorization code is needed to initiate the transfer itself. Further instructions on what to do with the code should be provided to you from the registrar the domain is being transferred to. To get your code, please do the following: 




4. Confirm by clicking on OK.

NOTE: Your Authorization code will automatically be sent to the Administrative Contact for the domain so make sure the email address is up to date.
NOTE: You can also prep multiple domains at the same time via our UTILITIES tool located within the left sidebar menu. For more information on how to do this, please go HERE.

Once the above steps have been completed, the domain will be prepped for transfer. Further instructions on how to initiate the transfer itself would have been provided to you by the registrar the domain is transferring to.

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