Have multiple servers in multiple locations and want to provide geographically specific content or route end users to the closest server?

Our GeoDNS service will respond to DNS queries made by visitors from specific countries or regions (such as Europe or Asia) with custom responses that you configure – maximising performance and the user experience. For example, a query from the US can return one IP, the same query from Europe can return another, and queries made from all other countries can return yet another IP.

The easyDNS geographic database is updated frequently and is more than 99% accurate. When combined with easyDNS’s host monitoring and DNS failover, GeoDNS provides a robust, high performance DNS solution.

Currently, GeoDNS is broken down into countries or continents – we do intend on developing state/province level granularity at some point.

The easyDNS GeoDNS service is available to customers using our Enterprise DNS service only. For further details on this service including the set up process, please contact our support team.

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