easyWEB: Auto SSL

What is Auto SSL?

Auto SSL is a feature built into cPanel that accommodates recent changes on the Internet which makes it more important for all sites to have an SSL certificate to be serving content securely to visitors.

For any (new and existing) easyWEB service, you will be automatically given an SSL certificate within an hour of your service becoming active – so long as your domain is live and pointing at our webservers for the validation to complete.

Should this fail, it will issue a self-signed certificate instead and retry giving you a proper one at 2am the next day (This can be expedited by submitting an e-mail ticket to support@easydns.com)

These SSL Certificates are issued from cPanel via the vendor Comodo (Sectigo) and are a basic Domain Validated (DV) type SSL Certificate. They will auto-renew on a 90-day cycle and stay active so long as the domain remains active and pointed at our nameservers.

If you bring your own SSL Certificate or use an SSL certificate purchased through easyDNS, these will not be overwritten by AutoSSL and you will need to let us know if you wish to swap.

For more information on what an SSL Certificate is and how they work check out: https://blog.cpanel.com/autossl/


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