easyMAIL Settings And Specifications

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The following is the inbound and outbound settings you will need to enable easyMail on other devices/mail clients:


Server Hostname: imap.easymail.ca
Server Port: 143
Username: yourname@yourdomain (e.g., me@example.com)
Security Settings: TLS, SSL or none
The default port for SSL enabled IMAP is port 993.


Server Hostname: pop.easymail.ca
Server Port: 110
Username: yourname@yourdomain (e.g., me@example.com)
Security Settings: TLS, SSL or none
The default port for SSL enabled POP is port 995.


Outbound Mail Server: mailout.easymail.ca
Username: your full easyMAIL address (e.g., me@example.com)
Password: your easyMAIL password
Ports: 25, 465, 587, 2025, 20025
TLS (optional): 25, 465 (SSL), 587, 2025, 2026, 20025, 20026


POP (Post Office Protocol) is a one-way ticket. You connect to our easyMAIL server in a one time pop and download a copy of your e-mail then disconnect. With a POP set up, you can’t be managing your easyMAIL via multiple devices (mobile smartphone, laptop, tablet, etc). There is no two-way synchronisation between easyMAIL and your device. You have to delete or file the same email on every device.

IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) is the two-way e-mail management preferred by users with multiple devices (mobile smartphone, laptop, tablet, etc). If you are viewing your e-mail via your mobile phone, then it will show as viewed on any other device you check your mail through. All e-mail management is synchronised cutting downtime if you happen to check e-mail from multiple devices.

Other Specifications

  • Default emails per day limit: 250
  • Total individual e-mail size allowed (including encoded attachments): 25MB
  • 2GB storage per user
  • 100 mailmaps
  • NO wildcard allowed for easyMAIL mailmaps
  • 250 recipients max per outbound message if you have the daily allowance as per our quota enforcement policy [see below] – a higher allowance allows for more recipients

Additional easyMail boxes can also be added for a domain. For pricing information, please see the chart below:

For further information on how to add additional easyMail boxes, please go HERE.

To increase your default 24 hour outbound delivery limit of 250 messages/recipients, please consider the following:

• 500 messages per day – $7.35 / month [$74.97 / year]

• 1000 messages per day – $13.95 / month [$142.29 / year]

• 2500 messages per day – $24.50 / month [$249.90 / year]

• 5000 messages per day – $49.00 / month [$499.80 / year]

• 10000 messages per day – $86.06 / month [$877.82 / year]


Please refer to our blog post announcing our introduction of Horde and the more advanced features it offers.

Quota Enforcement Policy

easyMAIL quota is set to 250 messages/recipients per day [24 hour period] by default. This is calculated on a per-user [mailbox] basis, not on an aggregate per-domain basis. Further to this, as each user is able to send 250 messages per day [or 250 recipients], it incorporates a decay in the counter based on the quota allowance. There isn’t a time that clears the cutoff and resets the amount to your daily maximum – it is based on the time elapsed since the user last attempted to send a message. If you’ve hit your daily maximum of 250 messages/recipients, you will have to wait typically around 6 minutes before the counter to drop one so you can send another message – wait 20 minutes and you can send 3 more and so on. This effectively allows you to send messages earlier than waiting for a reset time [often at midnight] and will reduce problems to those mailboxes that have been compromised on the user end as it effectively locks it. You could use up your whole allowance in one e-mail to 250 recipients.


NOTE: To use easyMAIL with other DNS providers, please specify our easyMAIL MX record within your DNS settings:

Pref: 0

This server is not to be used for IMAP or POP connections, ONLY for the MX record.


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