Details Regarding The General Viability Of easyDNS

We are frequently asked to provide materials such as Audited Financial Statements, written Disaster Recovery Plans, Security Audits, etc. Please see this article which addresses many of these concerns.

Number of Customers, Annual Revenues, etc.

We do not divulge our annual revenues.

We have approximately 100,000 paid customers and 300,000 domain names under our management.

ISO Certification

Our recent ISO certification was completed in November 2021.

Audited Financials

easyDNS is a privately held company (a division of The easyBrand Company) and as such we do not provide our financial statements to outside parties.

In terms of the financial health of easyDNS, suffice it to say we have been in business since 1998. We also have no outside investors and carry minimal debt (equipment leases and a small business development loan).

Certificate of Insurance

We have complete General and Liability Coverage as required by our property management, registries, and key vendors. In cases where it is a necessary requirement, we make certain vendors named beneficiaries of said policies.

Disaster Recovery Plan

We have a comprehensive DR plan documented internally of which portions have been implemented in real-world conditions over the years. We do not furnish details of our DR plans to third parties.

Data Recovery and Backup Plan

We use Network Appliance storage arrays for all persistent data, in dual locations (Data Center A and Data Center B each have NetApps with redundant heads). We further backup data to local storage arrays on our own premises (internal data center) and finally, we maintain encrypted backups with two separate offsite services.

Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy is posted at

Penetration /Vulnerability Tests

We engage outside firms to conduct periodic ISO 270002 security audits. Our facilities have been designated by the RCMP as a part of Canada’s Critical IT Infrastructure. We report all attempted security breaches (including DDoS attacks) and work closely with the RCMP “O” Division Integrated Technological Crime Unit.

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