ANAME Records

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Normally users cannot create a CNAME or Alias record for their domain apex. For example, users can create a CNAME record for but couldn’t for just However, users now have the ability to create these records which are referred to as ANAME records. Please note that ANAME records can be created with all easyDNS service levels.

To add an ANAME record please do the following:

1. Log into your easyDNS account
2. Click on the DNS link for said domain (this will bring you to the DNS SETTINGS page)

3. Click on the MODULAR EDITOR tab
4. Click on the wrench tool for ALIASES CNAME RECORDS

5. Make sure to enter ‘@’ under HOST and the destination in the corresponding ADDRESS box
6. Click on NEXT

7. Confirm changes

Your ANAME record should now be in place.

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